Happy Birthday, Drupal Theme Garden

drupal theme garden, first birthday

We are very excited about the first anniversary of Drupal Theme Garden. Today, it is one year of this website, and it is good moment to analyze what has been done since the release.

Drupal Theme Garden Yesterday

After Bèr Kessels announced the plan for closing of Drupal Theme Garden, we were determined not to leave the Drupal community without the place where all contributed Drupal themes could be live previewed. About year ago, after Drupal 5 was finally released, and the good old, archetype Drupal Theme Garden was closed, we released this website few days after. At that moment Drupal Theme Garden had Drupal 5 installation and couple of new Drupal 5 themes. After while, the Drupal 4.7 installation was released with all that present Drupal 4.7 themes. Ever since, the site itself has been regularly updated (both Drupal 5.x installation and Drupal 4.7.x installation) and the site hosting was enhanced by occasion.

Drupal Theme Garden Today

The site runs on latest Drupal 5.6 and Drupal 4.7.11 releases. It is hosted on very stable hosting platform (more details about Drupal Theme Garden hosting can be read in our Drupal hosting article). After lot of hard work, the Drupal Theme Garden now has a strong position in Drupal community as de facto standard for Drupal themes live preview. By now, we have live preview of 166 Drupal 5 themes and 85 Drupal 4.7 themes. The Drupal Theme Garden is referenced by almost all relevant Drupal websites, including the drupal.org and many national Drupal websites.

Drupal Theme Garden Tomorrow

The Drupal CMS by every day is more and more popular and the Drupal community is becoming more active regarding new themes design. In a coming months we expect even more Drupalers to involve in Drupal themes development, especially with the release of Drupal 6. The Drupal 6 themes will be covered by Drupal Theme Garden as soon as Drupal 6 will be released, since the first Drupal 6 themes are already contributed. We have many ideas how to further improve the Drupal Theme Garden, and after we find a way to allocate the resources for this purpose we will start work on that. Meanwhile, we will for sure continue with regular updates on Drupal Theme Garden with new contributed Drupal themes.