Drupal 6 Themes at Drupal Theme Garden

Drupal 6 is released. Some of existing Drupal web sites are upgrading to new Drupal 6 version (Drupal 6.1 is actual release), but others are still not. Many new Drupal sites are released on Drupal 6, but some others are still being released under the Drupal 5 (Drupal 5 latest release is Drupal 5.7). One of the main reasons why all Drupal sites are not upgraded or released under Drupal 6 are themes. This, of course, does not apply to the Drupal sites based on professional custom designed Drupal themes. The lack of Drupal 6 themes will not last for a long time. So far, few dozens of Drupal 6 themes are released already. We would like to give thanks to all those who already contributed the Drupal 6 themes, and to invite all other Drupal theme developers to contribute their GPL Drupal 6 themes to the Drupal community. We also invite all Drupal theme developers who maintain Drupal 5 themes (or Drupal 4.7 themes) to port the existing designs to Drupal 6.

In general, the web site templates are very important for web site development. It is pleasure to notice that Drupal templates (particularly Drupal 6 templates) are becoming mature comparing with other CMS templates. For all those who are not familiar with Drupal theming and are not willing to pay for theme custom development, the right choice is to use some of available, free, contributed Drupal themes. For new web sites it is recommended to use Drupal 6, but since the Drupal 5 themes repertoire is still more extensive, that could be the reason to consider the Drupal 5.

From now on, the Drupal Theme Garden comprise live preview of Drupal 6 themes, Drupal 5 themes and Drupal 4.7 themes. We will continue to maintain the Drupal 6 Themes section and the Drupal 5 Themes section. The Drupal 4.7 Themes section will be frozen.